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Man Repeller:
Be yourself with us.

Founded in 2010 by Leandra Medine, Man Repeller is a media company that’s building a judgement-free place for women to laugh, share and think. To be entertained and inspired. To connect with ourselves and each other.


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MR has a strong voice when it comes to individualism and feminism, but there’s also a ton of humor and style. What do you hope readers to take away from the site?

We believe that the most empowering thing you can share is your point of view—through clothes, through words, through whatever form of expression that takes—so we hope to inspire and encourage women to do just that, while also providing a space to genuinely connect with others.

With 1.8M followers on Instagram, Man Repeller has hit a nerve with both readers and followers. But creating content that’s consistently funny and compelling requires some serious team collaboration and alignment. When we heard that the MR team had booked an offsite for some key strategizing, we took the opportunity to ask them about their company vision and how they keep it together.

Man Repeller creates 6 to 8 pieces of original content per day. How do you make sure everyone’s on the same page?

We talk, constantly. We talk out loud at the office, over Slack, when a great idea hits or a something important happens, we talk over drinks, over bagels, during the occasional team (and community!) yoga. We never want MR to feel static, so passing that page around to add notes and review and communicate and troubleshoot is so important.

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Another way to put it: you know when you go to an event alone, feeling a little unsure, then meet someone awesome and start to have a real conversation and actually connect so that by the end of the night you've stayed longer than you meant to, your cheeks are sore from laughing, you've exchanged numbers and planned to get drinks? That's sort of what Man Repeller's like.

We actually just reworked our mission and vision statements! It was an office-wide effort, a distillation of our teams' individual takes on MR's ethos down to a succinct representation of the guts, heart and soul of the brand.

How would you define Man Repeller?

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