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No One Works Alone

How teams can work together to improve focus.



So if you can’t throw bodies at the problem, what makes a team more productive?

And when you talk about helping to make teams more productive, it gets even more complicated. For instance, if your team is drowning in work, your first instinct might be to hire more people (i.e., an input). But in fact, the more people you have on your team, the less effort each individual puts forth. This is called the Ringelmann Effect. With each additional member, you increase the number of relationships between team members exponentially, thereby increasing the amount of time and energy individuals have to spend managing those relationships. People also have a tendency to be lazy. The bigger the group, the less individuals contribute to the overall project, so more people doesn’t necessarily mean a project will be completed any faster.

Historically, productivity has been defined as a “ratio between the output volume and the volume of inputs.” It’s a useful formula for factories manufacturing widgets, but less helpful in a knowledge economy: what are the inputs? What counts as an output, and should quality impact its score? 

The best way to improve efficiency is to focus as a team.

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